Turcieflor/Pierre Turc have been a breeder of alstroemerias and agapanthus for over 25 years.

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Each year, we breed around a dozen new varieties here at the site in Mazé. They are introduced into the lab for multiplication and are subsequently tested for performance. We are always looking for something a little different to the varieties already available in the market place.
The diversification could be in the foliage, the flower colour / form or the plant height for example. We are always striving to develop the hardiest of plants in order that they can survive the harshest of winters, the most persistent of pests and illness.
We believe that each step towards developing new and exciting varieties enables to enrich the genetic diversity of the species.
It is true that sometimes the work of a breeder is more luck than judgement or creation. In order to find ‘the’ new variety, sometimes you just have to wait and see what happens and put faith in the power of mother nature.