Alstroemeria, also known as the ‘Lilly of the Incas’ (originating from South America) is from the family of Amaryllidacees. The genus consists of around 50 species.This rhizome based, perennial plant is the star of the floristry world with an excellent cut flower vase life of up to two weeks. These colourful, funnel shaped flowers, resembling a small lilly or orchid can be easily recognised by their pronounced throat freckles. There are a multitude of varieties available in the World, however we know of no other business who is able to offer a collection as large as ours.

Situated in the heart of the Loire Valley, Turcieflor is THE specialist for alstroemeria in France, recently awarded the title of the ‘National Collection’. Breeder for over 25 years, our collection has over 100 varieties, with 60 being sold commercially each year. The collection is split over four height ranges, compact, Duchess, Dukes and finally the tall majestic garden varieties. As their titles suggest, each variety finds its roots in the rich history of the region. You are sure to find a colour that you fall in love with. Our majestic garden varieties are frost hardy to -20 degrees too - so those cold UK winters are no longer anything to worry about.

Flowers of all sizes for all uses

and rockeries

Borders, planters and flower beds

Our advices on your alstroemerias:

Plant them in the Spring period and you will profit from beautiful flowers right through the Spring and Summer periods, right up until the first frosts.
You can also plant them out in the Autumn, however you will need to cover them with a suitable mulch in order to protect them for their first year out in the first frosts.
Alstroemerias are most at home in a half sunny position, in well drained soil.
Our varieties are very frost resistant, and if covered with a suitable mulch will resist frosts of -20 degrees. When the leaves start to dye back, we recommend you remove them.
Alstroemerias do not require any particular care and attention just as long as they are watered when required and a fertiliser is given at the start of the Spring growing season.
Do not forget to pull out the dead or dying stems in order to re-stimulate the re-growth of further stems.
Alstroemerias are a delicacy to snails and slugs, take usual preventative measures and your alstroemerias will give you joy throughout the entire season.

Introducing the range:

Dwarf, Compact varieties - 20cm in height. Perfect in pots and planters, terrace or balcony.

Duchess varieties, 30-40cm, just perfect at the front of your beds and borders, suitable also for pots.

Our Duke range, at 50cm in height, are beautiful anywhere in your garden.

Our Tall, Majestic Garden range is perfect for giving height to your garden designs, offering up an abundance of cut flowers stems throughout the season too.

1, 2, 3...plant, care, enjoy!

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