Cannas are rhizome based plants and originates from Central America and are descendants of the Cannaceae family which contains over 10 species. The canna plant consists of bunches of brightly coloured flowers atop tall green, purple or variegated foliage. This structural plant can offer you another dimension to your beds and borders.  It is upright, offers exquisite colour and looks quite like no other. Categorised by height and then foliage colour, our extensive range can offer you the choice and the flexibility to make a beautiful bed or border even more exceptional. We have selected for you what we feel to be the best of the bunch.

The must have’s:

Angèle Martin: This beautiful tall canna, standing at 1.5m with purple foliage is simply sublime with its salmon coloured flowers.
Marabout: A giant at 2.5m, it’s green foliage and bright red flowers is just perfect at the back of flower beds and alongside pathways.
Stuttgart: a beautiful, variegated variety which is sure to add another dimension to your garden.

Plant then out in the Spring time in a well drained soil, preferably with a good fertiliser to help them get going.  They will flower right throughout the summer period.
Due to its size and rapid growth, the canna needs space to grow and we recommend that you leave a 50cm distance when planting out. The canna is renowned for being resistant to illness and predators, however they again are a favourite meal for snails and slugs so please take usual precautionary measures. Canna’s do not like the frost, so we recommend you either harvest your rhizomes and keep them dry over winter or you cut back the leaves and cover the base of the plant with a suitable mulch. Cannas are very easy to grow and harvest. They will give you the pleasure of offering up flowers all throughout the summer. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

1, 2, 3… plant, pamper, admire!

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