The agapanthus is from the Lillacees family, and is a tall, majestic, perennial plant. They offer up beautiful, globe shaped flower heads, each one consisting of a number of smaller, star shaped flowers. This rhizome based plant descends from a dozen of species, with the most common being the Praecox and the Africanus varieties. The flowers of an agapanthus are simply spectacular. The stems can be very tall (over 1.5m) or compact  and can offer up flower sizes of over 25cm’s. The range consists of flowers in various degrees of blue, grey or white, with new varieties appearing on the market all the time. The Turcieflor / Pierre Turc range of agapanthus offers you a spectacular collection of tall, compact, evergreen and deciduous varieties of over 20 varieties, each one a result of our own breeding and testing.

A few little gems of our collection:

Within the collection, we are proud to offer you the spectacular Queen Mum variety, a blue & white bi-colour flower. The variegated foliage of the Silver Moon variety is something quite special too,
whilst our award winning Vallée de la Loire variety is our darkest variety and one of our best selling varieties.

Originating from South Africa, agapanthus love to be positioned in full sun and require moderate watering. If you plant them out in the Spring in a rich, well drained soil, you will be able to enjoy their beautiful flowers through the summer months. Agapanthus are naturally sensitive to harsh frosts. Cover your garden plants with a suitable mulch and where possible bring in or suitably cover your pots. Agapanthus are not difficult to grow, water lightly and regularly, do not let the roots sit in water for long periods and give your plants a feed with a suitable fertiliser at the start of the growing season. After that, sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful flowers all summer long.

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